Summer TO-DO List 


Anytime -  If you are new to MMS, please create an account here on our website. You may already have a Membership Toolkit (MTK) account from your prior school and can use the same username and password, but you will need to login to the MMS site in order to get the process started for your incoming student. Once there, you will need to add your student and place them in the grade that they just completed.  The system will automatically roll them and all other students up to the appropriate grade level before school starts.


July 1st - PISD Volunteer Applications are available for the 2016-17 school year at PISD Volunteer Application.  This must be completed every year that you plan to volunteer at any Plano ISD school.  Make sure you check the box for each school at which you may be volunteering.  The approval process can take up to 2 weeks to complete.  So, please do this as soon as possible.


July 15th -  PE Clothes can be ordered after 7/15 by going to  These will be delivered to school after school starts.


August 1st

  • Electronic documents are available on Parent Portal.  Visit to complete registration documents electronically.  You must have completed these documents in order to receive your student's class schedule.
  • Membership Toolkit will reopen to update family information, order PTA Memberships, School supplies (limited quantities), Spirit Wear, etc.


August 11th - Maverick March where you may walk your schedule, work lockers, pick up school supplies, purchase spirit wear.

  • 8th grade from 8-10am
  • 7th grade from 11am-1pm
  • 6th grade from 2-4pm



Did you know that MMS PTA collects the Faculty's Favorites so that when students and parents want to thank them for all they do for our Mavericks you can get them something that will really make them feel special?  Check out of lists for your student's teachers!





Do you plan to volunteer in Plano ISD this year?  Don't forget to submit your Volunteer Application TODAY!  These background checks expire on June 30th of each year, so please resubmit yours even if you have done it in the past.  We look forward to Volunteering with You!






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Murphy Middle School PTA

2016-2017 Officers

President – Angela Hughes

1st VP Programs – Susan Rice

2nd VP Membership - Jennifer Almholt

3rd VP Ways and Means – Michele Kester

4th VP Volunteers – Kristy Bennis

Secretary – Stephanie Ownby

Treasurer – Paula Heston



Bell Schedule for Murphy Middle School (2015-2016)
The following information may be helpful as you find yourself needing to make appointments during
the school day or deliver items for lunch or certain classes.

1st Period: 8:30 – 9:23
2nd Period: 9:27 – 10:16
3rd Period: 10:20 – 11:13
4th Period: 11:17 – 12:51

"A" Lunch (6th Grade)
Lunch 11:17 – 11:47 (30 minutes)
Class 11:51 – 12:51 (60 minutes)
"B" Lunch (7th Grade)
Class 11:17 – 11:49 (32 minutes)
Lunch 11:49 – 12:19 (30 minutes)
Class 12:21 – 12:51 (30 minutes)
"C" Lunch (8th Grade)
Class 11:17 – 12:19 (62 minutes)
Lunch 12:21 – 12:51 (30 minutes)

5th Period: 12:55 – 1:44
6th Period: 1:48 – 2:37
7th Period: 2:41 – 3:30


Please let us know if you have any Questions, Comments or Concerns.

 Position  Name  Email
 VP of Programs  Susan Rice
 VP of Ways & Means  Michele Kester
 VP of Volunteers  Kristy Bennis
 Treasurer  Paula Heston
 Reflections  Minoo Wille
 School Supplies  Marcia Kviz
 Spirit Wear  Nicole Broeckel
 Technology Chair  Dawn Bitar
 President  Angela Hughes